Storage Auctions in Medford, OR

Auction Rules and Announcements

Inspection: The Store Manager and Auctioneer will verify the tag and remove the tag and overlocks. The unit door will be opened and bidders will be given a chance to look at the contents without entering the unit. You are not allowed to enter the unit or handle the contents. The tenants have the right to pay and rescue his or her belongings from the sale right up to the moment the unit is said to be SOLD.

Bidding: Unless indicated prior to the opening bid for each unit sold, you are bidding on the entire contents of the unit. The house reserves the right to bid. If the house bids, it will only make an opening bid. If you are the successful bidder, please show your bidder number so it can be recorded.

Payment: If you are the winning bidder on a unit, you will be required to pay - The amount of your successful bid in cash at the close of the auction plus a $50.00 cash cleaning deposit for each unit that you buy. When you demonstrate to us that you have properly emptied and swept out the unit, we will refund that deposit to you. You must settle up in the office at the end of the auction. The unit must be paid for before you leave the premises or you forfeit the unit.

Padlocks: At the close of bidding for the unit, we will place our overlock back on the unit to seal it until payment has been received in the office. If you are the successful bidder – You will put your own padlock on the unit after you have paid for the unit and we will remove our overlock.

Contents: Please return any photos and/or personal papers and documents to the office for proper disposal.

Clean Out: Successful bidders have 24-hours to clean out the unit(s) they purchased. Successful bidders must take everything. Buyers are to leave the unit swept out and free of trash. Buyers may not use the store dumpsters. Everything is to be removed with the only exception being photos and personal papers that get turned into the office. If you, the buyer abandon items in the unit, taking only what you want with you, under the Sale Agreement you will sign to get a bidding number you will be agreeing to pay the storage store the standard rental rate for the purchased unit. If you fail to clean out the unit within the 24-hour time allotted, the Sale Agreement also states you will be agreeing to pay the storage store the standard rental rate for the purchased unit.

Smoking: There is no smoking inside the storage store gates.

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